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Pda Palmtop
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PDA in horloge (recensie)
<p> </p> <p>program requirements: desktop: windows 95/98 or nt 4.0 (nt 4.0 users service pack 5 recommended) the onhand pc from matsucom is a computer / pda that you wear on your wrist like a watch. hardware specs: 16bit-cpu mn10200 128kb-sram/2mb-flash memory 102x64 pixel lcd display internal speaker powered by 2 cr2025 lithium batteries weight .155 lbs the onhand pc comes in two color styles. clear and black. the plastic casing is quite sturdy and solid. i noticed no flexing or creaking when i would squeeze the sides of the unit. the size of the unit (not including the band) is approximately 2&quot; x 2.25&quot;. overall the onhand pc looked/felt pretty large and bulky on my wrist. i have small wrists though... i had to use the last hole in the wristband in order to get it tight enough so it wouldn't slip around on my arm. the only way i could get the onhand to be comfortable for me was to put it over the cuff of my shirt sleeve on my wrist. the wristband which is made of flexible rubber can be difficult to adjust and i found that getting the watch off once i got it on was like wrestling an alligator. i think a velcro wristband would be easier to use. the onhand is also noticeably heavier than a typical wristwatch. i kept wishing i could somehow just attach the onhand to my belt instead of my wrist. usually i don't feel self conscience wearing or using gadgets but i did feel a bit geeky using the onhand. i think this was mainly because it is so large and is more masculine looking that i liked. i'm sure it would look much better on a guy. </p>

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